The next generation of measurement technology

The Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system measures the legs up to the hips. Knees and ankles can also be measured individually for specific treatment. The 3D model of the relevant body part generated by the system and numerous measurement data form the basis of an accurate choice of size and product.

  • accurate: manual measurement errors are avoided
  • quick: measurement and generation of the 3D model happen at the same time
  • non-contact: the body is measured by projecting beams of light


The customer stands on a revolving measurement platform to be measured. The steady rotation excludes the potential for error. To generate the 3D model, the system projects beams of light onto the relevant body part and captures them digitally. The beams display a grid on the skin that is used to generate a highly accurate 3D cloud of dots.

Based on the 3D image, circumference and length measurements are calculated that serve as the basis for selecting the ideal size and product.

Huge amount of time saved

With Bodytronic 600 and the connection to the Bauerfeind online shop, the entire process from measurement and configuration to ordering is made much easier. This eliminates many potential causes of errors right from the start and, apart from anything else, saves a considerable amount of time. The entire measurement and order process only takes a few minutes.

Modular platform concept

The modular platform concept means that other Bauerfeind Bodytronic measurement systems can easily be connected and operated via a software platform. The user therefore has access to an integrated shopping and order process. There is no need to spend time and effort learning to use individual operating systems.

Another advantage is the fact that the same database of customer and measurement data is accessed from every system, preventing errors and duplications when entering customer details. In addition, a fully-automated update function is integrated into the software platform. This means that all connected systems remain up to date and can be operated without any problems.